Saturday, September 4, 2010

Worth It

“Did you come here to drink or to text?” Rachelle asked Mariem, obviously irritated. Mariem had been fiddling with her phone ever since we arrived at the bar.

“Sorry, it’s boyfie. He’s checking up on me,” Mariem apologized while still busily typing at her phone.

“What are you, sixteen?” Rachelle said with her brow raised.

“Hey, leave her alone. She has to report to her superior,” I teased.

“Wow, thank God you’re here Jason. Otherwise there would be no one on my side,” Mariem shot back as she tried to hit me on the head.

“Yeah, you’re one to talk,” Rachelle said, now smirking at me. “You still text your ex every day. And now you’re even trying to win him back.”

“How’s that working out for you, anyway?” Mariem asked as she looked up at me.

“Hey, wait a minute, we’re talking about Mariem here, not me.”

“Whatever,” Rachelle said before she took a swig of her beer. “You’re both the same. You make fools of yourselves because of your guys. Take Mariem, for instance. She’s a free-spirited girl. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, is boring. I mean, he wouldn’t even come with her when we go out for a drink. And yet he wants her to report to him everything that she does while she’s out.”

Mariem fell silent.

“And how exactly am I the same? I cheated on my guy, remember?” I pointed out. “Now I’m trying to make things right.”

“Yes, but you’re not the type of guy who flourishes when leashed. You said that yourself,” she argued. “And yet now you’re trying to win him back. Why go through all that trouble?”

I fell silent for a moment as well. Why indeed?

“Because I realized that he’s worth it,” I answered.

Mariem smiled. “Yes, they’re really worth it, aren’t they?”

We looked at each other and laughed.

“To the guys who are worth it,” I said as I raised my bottle.


  1. cheers!!!! worth it talaga! :D

  2. effort na kung effort ah. keep it up.

    I am curious about mr. anonymous' verdict though.. lol ;p

  3. cheers! may we never lose sight of their worth. :)

  4. To the guys who are worth it indeed.

    However, what if one's mind is completely made up of nothing but moving on, passing the heart break phase and totally burn the bridge.

    Can you still justify your words of principle?

  5. Hahaha.
    Chox yan ExJason...
    Gama ko ana!!!
    Kaila man ka kinsa ko diba?

  6. The question now is, Are you worth it?

  7. awwww. that's nice. sayang that sometimes we learn their worth when it's too late.

  8. hmmm, i just wish my ex had your remorse. so that when he'd come crawling back, id have the chance to punch him in the gut, twist out his innards and scatter it among the dogs. bitter much?
    oh, wait, pretend you didnt read this.

    hey, hope you dont mind me following you. :)

  9. @orally, nimmy, alter and city: cheers! and to not making the same mistake twice. oh wait, i already did it more than twice. to not making it again na lang. =)

    @guyrony: i am well aware that my ex may not take me back anymore. but i'm still willing to make that wager. like i said, he's worth it

    @thy: yes, i know who you are. mag blog ka na din!

    @barako: that's for him to decide. pero sana. =)

    @engel: i'm hoping that it's not yet too late

    @alexander: lol. i speak for all the evil exes. malay mo may sarili ding kwento yung sayo. thanks for following. i'll visit your blog soon. =)

  10. And to The One that got away.


  11. tama!pag mahal mo at alam mong ikaw ang may mali,try to win him back!

  12. Cheers!!! No matter how our other friends tell us that the guy we are dating is worthless, it is still our final decision to judge them as worth or not... Right? =)

  13. Heyy thanks for your kind words. I'm trying, still trying so hard, to write coherently about nothing. Hehe.

    Interesting story by the way :) I don't think the term "worthless" fits. Hehe.

  14. Yes, to the guys who worth it! :D

  15. Mariem smiled. “Yes, they’re really worth it, aren’t they?”

    Until they're not. You must have been worth it, once, right? We all were.

    Until we're not.

    But we can be worth it again... If we choose to, or at least, that's what I've learned.


  16. @Momel: I hope the one hasn't gone too far yet.

    @Mac: Tama. Mas mahalaga ang love kesa pride.

    @Vitori: "You're entitled to your opinion but it's really my decision" ika nga ni Joss Stone. In fairness naman sa friends ko, kampi sila kay ex kasi alam nilang ako ang may mali.

    @Johnalene: Thanks. Do come and visit again. =)

    @YJ: cheers! Ikaw diba, meron ka na ding worth it guy? =P

    @Kane: I'm doing what I can. =)

  17. sarap pag may nakakapagkwentuhan kang kaibigan sa mga sexcapades mo no? hehe

  18. friend, maling post ata nacomment-an mo. :p