Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Top 10: Geek

Picking up from Engel, Desole Boy and Soltero, and joining the Top N bandwagon.

I had always known that I was a bit geeky or nerdy. I try my best to hide my geeky tendencies, if only to avoid making people uncomfortable around me, but there are times when it just brims over. When that happens, well, what else can I do but own up to it? Lol. Geeks are cute. =P

Top Ten Instances That Outed The Geek/Nerd In Me

When my officemate said "Wow, may eclipse na!", I thought she was talking about the Java IDE.

When I was trying to scare a cat in our apartment, I started to shout, "Hado no-!". Luckily, I stopped myself. I was about to shout a Bleach destruction spell at the cat.

My orgmates were laughing at the phrase "Non-human primates" because according to them "Ang effort naman." I defended it and said, "Tama naman ah. Set of primates minus set of humans, diba?"

Back in high school, my friend and I went to the library every lunch time, stood in front of the giant world map and memorized the capitals. Our reason: we had nothing else to do.

When I heard this line from Apologize: "I loved you with a fire red, now it's turning blue", my reaction was "Diba mas mainit ang apoy pag blue kesa pag red? So uminit lalo love niya?"

Honey, my best friend at work, once showed me this picture and tried to fool me by saying that it was a newly-discovered fish with legs. I answered right away, "Honey, hindi isda yan. Axolotl yan, isang amphibian."

I was playing taboo with one geek friend and a few other non-geeks. The topic was countries and it was geek friend's turn. He read the mystery word and said, "An arid country with giant polyhedrons." Everyone fell silent. Except me. I excitedly shouted, "Egypt!"

I still know the old three o' clock habit prayer. Yes, including the bit after the prayer, until "..and at the hour of death I will not be judge for them but the merciful saviour." I watched TV that much when I was a kid.

I used the word "petiole" when I tried to explain how to make a bubble solution from Gumamela flowers.

My high school was a haven for nerds. There was one time when our chemistry teacher asked us what the properties of this certain liquid were and I joked, "Malleable." Everyone laughed. Then my teacher joked back, "Yes, and it is also ductile, right?"

And here's a nerd joke:

What weapon is made when you combine potassium, nickel and iron?

Let's see who answers this one correctly. Fellow nerds, reveal yourselves! =P


  1. @5. hindi! si mudkip yan.
    wahh. di ko alam answer sa question mo.

    NERD ka talaga! >:P

  2. i'm guessing based on nickel and iron... a gun? or a knife? a canon?

  3. lol @ axototl.

    as to the question, the answer lies in their element symbol =D okay, i cheated. i googled it. hahaha

  4. "The Geek shall inherit the moon"

    *Galeng talaga. And yeah, smart is hawt. ;p

  5. I love the Bleach destruction spell you were trying to cast. hahahahaha

    Answer! KNIFE! kailangan ko pa bang iexplain? :)

  6. i felt sad after reading this post.

    goes to show how not booksmart i am.

    nose bleed post. :P

  7. i love Axolotl lols.
    Similar to Olm. :D

  8. i wanna be a typical blond who's not required to think..haha.. kaka nosebleed..haha...but cge na nga, gayagaya nlg ako ke nimmy...knife?haha,,parang tanga lang..

  9. As for your question, thank you! Good evening, blogosphere! I'm Maria Venus Flytrap! Echos!

    Ikaw Ang nerd na hot. I wanna take off your thick frame glasses and then kiss you. Torridly. Strip you your all-buttoned up checkered polo shirt and remove the white one underneath it. I'll enjoy your twinkly body of a wonderland. Damn, na carried away ako. Whew!

  10. knife? K-NI-FE?

    ewan hula! hehe

    oks lang naman na nerd. nerd rules! hehehe

  11. parehas kami ng explanation ni Ced.

    wala bang premyo??? :P

  12. nice nice..i reckon ur from a science school hehe..

    when i was in grade school i used 2 go with my classmates sa library to read the encyclopedia and memorize the capitals too.. un lng pero sa sciences and math bokya ako dyan haha :P

  13. knife got confused :)

  14. @cheru: haha! tama! teka, wala ka bang link?

    @mb: ooh, paputok. lol. btw, hirap nung quiz mo sa slogans. di masagot nung housemate kong forte dapat yun.

    @felipe: kinilig naman ako dun, nag comment ka. haha. =P

    @lee: aaaaw. madaya! haha! ayan tuloy nakuha ni nimmy at ced.

    @alter: hot ako tol? lol.

  15. @nimmy: sokatsui ata or raikoho yung sinusubukan kong i-cast. haha. tama ang knife, pero feeling ko nakuha mo dahil kay lee. =P

    @engel: i blame it on my high school. lol.

    @kemi: in fairness, di ko alam yung olm. haha. di pa din talaga ako hard core.

    @toffer: major major lol. pero wag ka, madaming blonds na matalino. si marilyn monroe mataas IQ.

    @miss carrie: "wag po dito. baka makita tayo ni- ex? teka ex, i can explain". lol, umeksena daw ba? pero major major pinagpawisan po ako sa comment niyo. haha.

  16. easy. a kitchen knife :)

    natawa ako sa wv: warrat

  17. @nimmy and ced: wushu, if i know na gets niyo lang dahil sa clue ni lee. lol. pero dahil nasagot niyo pa din naman, may prize kayo. sagot ni lee kasi echosera siya. haha.

    @soltero: science high school nga. at oo, naaalala ko pa nung libro pa ang mga encyclopedia. lol.

    @jepoy: confused? confused ka na naman? lol. hoy videoke natin!

    @geek: i'm borrowing your title for a while, k? haha. hello geek. =P

    @Yas: aba aba. dahil jan, kasali ka din sa libre. (um, lee, eto pang isa) XD

  18. oo, pero si lee ang sasagot. teka, asan na nga ba yung taong yun? LEE!


  19. huhuhu mali sagot ko..madali lang yong quiz ko try mo sagutan..kaw pa nerd ka..lol

  20. apir apir apir sa sciences!!! =)
    kasama mo ako dito!

    nood ka big bang theory. hahaha. nagpromote!

  21. @mb: di ko yan forte eh. lol. pero sasagutan ulit namin yun mamayang gabi. yung housemate ko ang nerd sa area na yan.

    @paci: wahaha. apir! madami nga nagsasabi sakin na nice ang big bang theory. panonoorin ko yan one of these days.

  22. KNIFE it is!
    and i explain.

    K being the chemical symbol for Potassium which derives from "kalium" -the Latin word for potash (yes i remember coz i love etymologies)

    NI for Nickel (don't remember much bout this guy)

    and FE for Iron. Latin - "ferrum"

    [give me my prize Jason..bwahaha..and withe xtra at that dahil may explanation unlike them..hmpf!]

  23. so please lang wag mo muna gamitin ang knife ok hahaha

  24. @db: kulang na lang eh, "thank you so much!" siya, dahil nag effort ka, halika dito, claim mo ang major major prize mo sakin.

    @orally: /wrist. lol.

    @cheru: aaaah, ikaw pala si jonniembus. ikaw yung naka follow sa lahat ng tao. lol. hello. =D

  25. May tama ka! =P - cheru

  26. ang daya!! hindi ko kaya kay lee nakuha. bakit si db may prize???? hmpf


    wv: gosesses
    yan explain mo sa akin. bwahahaha

  27. godesses yan, nadulas lang yung finger kaya yung s ang napindot.

    may consolation prize naman eh. free hugs. dali dali.

    ehem. LEE! hug mo daw sila!

  28. @john chen: haha. so malamang pareho tayo ng ginawa nung miss universe. =P

  29. antagaaaaal. haha. gahaman sa prize. LOL