Monday, August 16, 2010

Date Life

I have dated several guys since ex and I broke up. Dating was one of the things I missed the most while I was in a relationship. I love getting to know people. I love making new friends. And yeah, I enjoy flirting. It’s the uncertainty that draws me to the whole dating game. You’ll never know which of the preconceived ideas you have about your date will turn out to be correct. You’re also not sure if the date will be the start of a good thing or if it will be a disaster.

One of the downsides of dating for me is, no matter how much I try not to, I still end up baring a small piece of my heart. I don’t go to dates because I’m looking for a boyfriend, not at all. But that doesn’t keep a small part of me from somehow hoping good things. That small exposed bit leaves me vulnerable, and if my date discovers where that piece is, then I am screwed. But that’s part of the thrill, and the gamble will be worth it if the date goes well. it was definitely worth it when I dated my ex.

But the thing is, most of my dates lately we more nightmare than magic. I don’t know why, but I seem to have rotten luck with the guys I get.

Mr. Long Term

First, I had guys who were looking, no, craving for a long term relationship. I’m sure you know the type; the one who talks about settling down and building a home together on your first date. While it’s a good thing to know that the guy is not just after sex, it’s a turn off seeing that he wants to rush into a relationship, as if there’s a deadline that he must beat. Maybe he was just trying to come off as a keeper or maybe he was trying to show me that he was really into me. I don’t know, for me it was just plain creepy.

There was one guy who I actually had quite a pleasant dinner with. I texted him when I got home, “Hey, I had a great time. I look forward to knowing you better.”

His reply: “Me too. I hope our relationship blossoms. And I hope we have God at the center of that relationship.”

Mr. Quickie

The opposite of the first type is just as frustrating. You meet the guy, you have good conversation, and you are pleased to see that he has a good amount of substance. Then he talks about fucking halfway into your date. At first you find it a turn on that he has a naughty side and you jokingly throw back naughty comments yourself. But he brings it up again not long after. You try to change the topic but he persistently brings it up over and over until it gets annoying.

At that point, you have no choice but to flat out decline. He gets the point, backs off, and you carry on with your date. You almost enjoy the rest of the date, but you remember that the guy treated you like a desperate slut.

Mr. Quickie In Disguise

Then there were those who I initially thought had great potential. I go out with the guy on a few dates and we have an amazing time together. He seems interested in a relationship, but unlike Mr Long Term, he’s not desperate for it. And he has the right amount of naughty without Mr Quickie’s depravity.

After our fourth or fifth date, he invites me to his place. I go with him and we have great sex. We kiss before I leave.

Then he doesn’t reply to any of my texts.

I mean, come on. If he had told me at the start that he was just after sex, then we could have gone straight to it. We would have been spared the weeks of pointless charades. I don’t mind meeting up for sex. It just has to be clear that that’s what we were going to meet for.

Mr. Gamer

Lastly, there’s the type who treats dating like a contest. For him, there are rules that must be followed at all costs. He should not be the first to text; neither should he be the last. He will never ask you out for a date, you should be the one to ask him out. If he is ever going to ask you out, it will be spontaneous, so it will seem like he just thought of you that moment.

Basically, his goal is to make you fall for him without you noticing that he actually likes you too. Now I know that it’s called the “dating game”, but actually playing by those rules is pathetic. What’s there to gain from pretending that you like or don’t like a person, anyway? Try to play a game with me and you’ll find yourself playing alone.

Of course, they were not all bad. There were a few guys who were actually great. They were not boyfriend material (like I said, I’m not looking for a boyfriend to begin with), but they became my friends.

Just recently, one of my girl friends texted me.

“Jason, interesado ka pa bang makipag date kay Luis?”

“Oo. Bakit, ipapadate mo sakin?”

“Yah. Hehe.”

“Bakit mo bigla akong nirereto dun? Ano nangyari?”

“Kinumusta ka niya sa akin kanina. Type ka din pala niya. Mukha ka daw straight. Gimik daw ulit tayo pagbalik niya dito sa Sept.”

September daw. Ito ba yung tinatawag nilang booking? Lol.


  1. What's worse is dating your date's ego or a discreet liar. Temptation rises to say things just to check his reaction. ; )

    Fully booked. lol

  2. been there, done that.. those na din lols

  3. so you're mr profiler now huh, so sagana ka sa dates hahaha.

    and yes yun na nga ang booking, super advance booking.


  4. ikaw na ang nag-date galore. echos.

    sounds like you're having a blast with dating! go Jason! go! go! go!

  5. Ma nakakadate ko dati either mga abnormnal or autistic... In a good way.LOL!

  6. “Me too. I hope our relationship blossoms. And I hope we have God at the center of that relationship.”



  7. Hahahaha.. I like!!! :)
    Date ng date..bwuahahaha.. everyday ba yan? :D

  8. super love ko tong entry na to jayson. nakakarelate ako sa ibang nilista mo sa taas. gosh, pagusapan natin nga ito kapag lumabas ulit. pasensya last Friday. bwahahahaha.

  9. @mb: gusto ko ngang sumigaw ng "HINDI AKO PUTA!". char.

    @alter: yeah, that really pisses me off.

    @chemguy: haha. i'm sure you have. =P

    @orally: hindi naman madami. sakto lang. =P

    @nimmy: di din masyado enjoy. pang distract pa din lang to. lol.

    @ced: oo nga. kesa naman sex diba? date na lang. hmm.. teka pala..

    @canonista: autistic ba kamo? teka.. ako yata yun. lol.

    @ternie: i knerrrrr.

    @nicos: wahaha. hindi naman everyday. etoooo. sobraaaa. lol.

    @jepoy: ah wala! may lamat na pagkakaibigan natin! lol.

  10. Ang cute naman ni Luis... Hindi nya sinabi sayo the first time you met that he likes you.. Sabagay... parang atat nga naman na sabihin na he likes you...

    I am very optimistic and happy for you =) Bongga ang lovelife next month... Na-book ka na nga... HAHAHA! =)

  11. come to think of it, no one has EVER asked me out on a date. am such a loser, hehe.

    anyway this is an awesome analysis. might be useful for me in the near future! (wink)

  12. Jason,

    Grabe. In such a small amount of time, you managed to meet all these people?

    Must have been quite hectic. =) Making up for lost time, eh?

    You said it yourself: dating is such a high-risk affair. It can be fun, it can also be disastrous. It's all part of it, really. By the end of it all, you'll be able to spot the different types early on =)


  13. very interesting ha. we'll look forward to your blog entry about your date with luis in sepetember. can't you make your date sooner? hahahaha

  14. Nalurkey ako kay Mr. Long Term bwahahahaha! Oh jeez! Good luck dating again :)

  15. @vivi: actually, like ko na din siya nung first time pa lang. lol. so i guess that means we're both cute. =P

    @db: how about i ask you out? joke lang ced. lol.

    @kane: haha. di naman ganun kadami. there was only one or two of each type. and it has already been two months since we broke up.

    @anonymous: anonymous? cmon, show yourself.

    @johnny: tamaaa. kakatapos pa lang ng first date namin, may relationship na kami bigla. at kasama pa si God.

  16. hala cge. go lang ng go sa pag-date :)

    "But the thing is, most of my dates lately we more nightmare than magic. I don’t know why, but I seem to have rotten luck with the guys I get." - could it be because you are and might be putting your ex as your standard? =D

  17. @mandaya: uy, nagcomment si kababayan! hehe. hello. =D

    @lee: walang namang makakapantay kay ex eh. kahit ano gawin ko, siya pa din ang perfect bf para sakin. um.. sinusubukan ko actually makipagbalikan sa kanya ngayon. so yeah, unless i-basted niya ako before september, hindi mangyayari yung date with luis.

    hm.. ipopost ko siguro ang tungkol jan soon. hehe.

  18. buti ka pa may date2...

    minsan nga yung iba diretso sa langit nlng...haha..:))

    sarap makipagdate pag super order ka at pagbayaran na, sya na yung magbabayad...shet..big points yun...

  19. sabi nga nila, there are so many fishes in the ocean daw.

    ingat ingat nga lang sa pangingisda...

  20. Buti pa si friend, dami ang dine-date hahaha.

    Naloka ako kay Mr. Long Term. =))

  21. Go lang ng go! Hahaha! Charot! Hope it turns out to be a good thing between you two, since you like each other naman :D

    I'd always go for the Mr. Long Term... then again, minsan kasi nagiging stale ang relationship, so gora na din kay Mr. Quickie... hihiramin ko lang ang pag-ibig niya, kahit isang saglit. Tas balik ulit kay Mr. LT. Chupopopo :">

  22. @db: of course. you know how to reach me, sakaling ok sayo. =P

    @toffer: haha. ang goal ko kasi eh makipagkilala. kung sex agad, kikilalanin mo pa ba yun?

    @geek: maingat naman ako. lately. lol.

    @ronnie: ieedit ko na nga yang post ko. di naman madami eh. lol. one or two of each type nga lang. in two months. konti lang yun kumpara sa mga kakilala ko.

    @rei: i'll probably like a mr long term who proposes after four or five dates. it's just too creepy if it's on the first. haha. parang gusto kang kadenahan agad at kaladkarin sa kwarto. erm.. lol. suddenly, it doesn't sound so scary.

  23. meron ding mga 'confused'. yung tipong makipag-date tas pag-andun na pa-ksp at madaming arte.