Sunday, August 8, 2010

Small World

I was at the restroom of the commercial building just outside campus, minding my own business at the urinal. Halfway into it, a guy took the urinal beside mine. I didn’t pay attention to him at first, but then he started making strange noises. I soon realized that he was moaning. I looked at him and found him staring at me while stroking his thing, using his knapsack to somehow hide what he was doing. I panicked. I hurriedly went out of the restroom. When I looked back, I saw that Pervy guy was following me. I almost ran out of the building.

I later told this story to one of my friends. He quickly said that he had been victimized by Pervy guy as well. I thought this was unlikely, and that it was probably a different perv. He kept insisting that it was the same guy, but I was convinced that it wasn’t. Then he asked me if Pervy guy had knapsack.


Shawn and I were sitting on our school grounds with our orgmates. We were members of a student organization for nerds. It was February, and we were waiting for our president, Randy, to come so we can start setting up our booth for the fair. While waiting, I asked him how he and his boyfriend were. He said that things were not going well, and that the reason he’s been active in our org lately was because his boyfriend was asking for space.

Randy finally came after half an hour. He apologized for taking so long, explaining that he saw a cute guy in the jeepney and that he just had to get the guy’s number. He succeeded, and he spent the whole afternoon bragging that he already had a date for Valentine’s.

A few weeks later, Shawn came to my apartment. He was crying as he told me that his boyfriend broke up with him a few days before. He said that it was the first time he cried over the breakup. When I asked why they broke up, he said that it was because of a guy. I asked who the guy was. It was Randy’s jeepney guy.


A couple of days into our trial week, I mentioned to Dainn that I was a member of the Nerd Org. He said that he knew someone from our org. When I asked who, he said it was Shawn. He said that they were housemates.

I started to suspect. I didn’t want to think about it at first, but the urge to know was just too strong. I had to be sure. I texted Shawn. I got my confirmation with his reply.

His ex’s name is Dainn.


Dainn explained to me that he did not leave Shawn for Randy’s jeepney guy. He just got attracted to him. But the fact that he was already getting attracted to others guys made him realize that he no longer loved Shawn. That was why he decided to break up with him.

I finally got to see who jeepney guy was one day. Dainn and I were at school, waiting for his next class when he pointed at a guy. I was shocked for a moment. Then I couldn’t help laughing.

It was Pervy guy.


  1. grabe!!!! parang teaser lang ng NYC Prep. connect the dots. haha

  2. small world ..tama si nimmy connect the dots nga.

  3. para naman itong jologs the movie hahaha

    six degrees of separation ika nga :)

  4. sa lahat ng love triangles, ito ang love triangle na hindi ka maiinis sa kahit sinong character kase matatawa ka.

    jusme, sakit sa ulo.

  5. I echo Yas Jayson

    Member ka ng Org for Nerds (na puro bading yata?) UP Babaylan ba to? Choz hahahaha

  6. @Nimmy: i knerrr. hindi ako nanonood ng NYC Prep. pero i knerrr. lol.

    @maginoongbulakenyo: i knerrr ulit. lol. ika nga, ang lahat ng beki ay magkaugnay.

    @lee: actually, sinubukan ko siyang isulat na parang jologs/crash/babel style. kaso masyadong mahaba. inedit ko nang inedit. yan ang kinalabasan. lol.

    @Yas: haha. nakakatuwa din kasi exciting ang kwento ng buhay.

    @orally: siyempre nag iba ka na naman ng pangalan. lol. kaming tatlo lang actually ang bading dun nung time na yun. hindi yan babaylan. pero member din ako ng babaylan. =)

  7. ahahaha. alam mo jayson, hindi ko pa natatapos basahin pero alam ko na ang patutunguhan nitong entry mo, at hindi nga ako nagkamali. :P

  8. i love this! haha! na-enjoy ko ito. ganda. :)

  9. natawa so nagcomment ng melrose place. haha. melrose place and gossip girl. hahaha

    small world talaga no jason? alam mo na. :P

  10. wow! speechless ako sa rigodon. =)

  11. @db: napaanak ka ba? lol.

    @ternie: so 90s. haha.

    @jepoy: madam jepoy

    @aris: thanks sa pagbabasa at pagcomment. =)

    @lash: ang buhay ko ay isang malaking adventure. lol.

    @ced: o, ano na naman yang alam ko?

    @david: ikr? lol. pero malakas ang kutob ko na nangyari na din sayo to. =P

  12. Sayo kaya nganggaling na pag naattract s aiba, possibleng di mo an love yung isang tao..

    He just got attracted to him. But the fact that he was already getting attracted to others guys made him realize that he no longer loved Shawn.

    kaya nga kinabahan ako sa crush crush an yan..hahaha.. ambabaw

  13. Naks! ayos ah parang movie lang...lolz... may konnek sa bawat isa... hehehehhehehehe