Thursday, October 14, 2010

On Goodbyes

There is something beautiful in goodbyes. The exquisite pain, the sadness, the void it leaves, and the recovery; the different colors that paint a dark yet wonderful picture. We long for them. And when the picture has faded, we wish to witness its beauty once more. And so we forge bonds once again, looking forward to the day when we finally say goodbye.


  1. three thumbs up!!!!! :D

    kaw na bahala mag-isip kung ano ung pangatlo. nyahahahaha. choz lang!

  2. I love this entry. I can relate. =/

  3. Tell me Jayson, would you want to go to the same process over and over and over again?

    Does it not make you feel numb anymore?

    Goodbyes, they sure are beautiful but one can take so much. Even just a single one.

  4. After reading your post for the third time, I understood what you did convey.

  5. haayyy... we're on the same boat.

    i told my ex that if one of us will say goodbye, it literally means 'the end'.

    and then we broke up.

    but how can i say goodbye to a person whom i spent the three most wonderful years of my life?

    but i did.

    i have to.

    too much lies and betrayal made me do it.

    75 days.

    still my heart grieves.

    i never thought it would be a slow healing process.

    but at least i'm healing.

    and you will too.


  6. Sabi nga ng Ninang Lea Salonga ko, it isn't over, it's just goodbye! ;-)

  7. you dont have to do it over and over again. move on. palasak, pero doable. :)

  8. "There is something beautiful in goodbyes."

    Sad, but true. Goodbyes can sometimes make us stronger people..

  9. i hate saying goodbyes. wala lang, nakakalungkot e. prolly i'm that attached to osmething and someone. pero yeah, we don't have a choice but to move forward.

    you have to move forward.

  10. Pasensya na sa mejo emo post. Napansin ko lang kasi, people are addicted to the drama. Maybe some of them are bored and the drama adds some spice. Or maybe some of them enjoy the sense of accomplishment when they manage to rise above it. Or maybe it's just some weird fetish for some. Ewan. Nakakapagod lang.

    You're right, Guyrony. It's really tiresome and it leaves you numb. But when you're numb, you long to feel again, so you end up going through it again.

    Hindi ako nagmamalinis. Pinagdadaanan ko din to. Di ko pa din alam pano lalabanan. I envy those people who know how to just be happy.

  11. there are 1001 things to cherish and memorialize on goodbyes.


  12. 3 weeks...and counting. palagi ko siya nakikita. it always makes me feel like crying kapag nakikita ko siya. ayaw kong makitang masaya siya. gusto ko pareho kaming malungkot at apektado. hay. ang hirap.