Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Story of My Blog

This will be quite long, but I hope you will read it to the end.

I haven’t really told you how I started this blog. Well I have, partly, but I want to tell about it anyway so here’s the whole story. It actually started with me spying on my ex’s blog; “spying” because I was not allowed to read it. It was supposed to be his personal space, one of the very few parts of his world where I was kept out. But when I got a job and had to live away from him, it started to feel like the parts of his world that I was allowed in were slowly shrinking.  So I decided to snoop around in the restricted areas.

One day, I decided that I did not only want to read what he writes, but also what he reads, so I followed the links in his blog roll. I remember coming across citybuoy and desoleboy from there. I read those blogs and, when I was done, went on to click on the links in their lists. I tend to do that a lot: follow links. I’d often read a Wikipedia article and find myself clicking on links and reading articles for the next few hours. My boss would attest to that.

My blog-hopping later led me to Darc’s place. The title was intriguing: “I Fell in Love with a Cyber-celebrity”.

It instantly reminded me of Agent Boytoy and his die-hard groupies.  I read Darc’s latest entry, expecting to read stalker thoughts, but it was about an old woman selling vegetables. I was confused, so I figured I should back-read to learn how the cyber-celebrity topic led to the old woman.  Before the day ended, I had read every single post. Never mind that he did not say much about the cyber-celebrity, he was a brilliant writer. I was hooked. I was a fan. I thought, “Shet, ang galing niya mag-English!”, and that became the first push for me. I had been severely out of practice at writing and my English was getting really rusty. Blogging seemed to be a good way to fix that.


Another reason behind the blog was my job. You see, I work as a programmer for the Marketing Department of a company that sells car parts through an e-commerce site. If you got lost in that last sentence, the only important keywords are “Marketing” and “e-commerce site”, which means making money through websites. For those of you who are familiar with the techniques, yes, that means SEO, web measurement, content, user experience, etc. 

My job works this way: the people from marketing decide that a new feature, for instance, a new banner, could help increase sales so they make one. Then they give it to me and I put it on the site. The problem there is that I am not part of coming up with the strategies, I only implement them; therefore I have little idea on how to use the techniques. Once again, blogging seemed to be a good way to practice. I knew the techniques; I just needed a site to use them on. If I do it right, I can increase the traffic of my blog. Then I can place ads. Ka-ching.

The final push came with the breakup. This is the part that some of you may know about. When ex poured his heart out in his posts, his followers posted words of support and encouragement. There’s nothing wrong with that, except that some of those words were blows directed to me. Nobody knew about me back then. I was just a character in my ex’s story. That’s why it was so easy for people to say things like “He’s not worth it” and “You deserve someone better”. I was like, “What the hell? These people don’t even know the whole story. They don’t even know me, and they’re saying that I’m no good?” I could not really blame them though. It was not their fault that they only knew one side. That was when I finally decided to put up my own blog. I was going to tell my side. I was going to write about myself and about the story from my point of view. Then, when I saw that they already knew me enough to make a proper judgement, I was going to introduce myself as the ex.

And so I signed up for blogger. That was the easy part. Thinking of a title and a display name proved to be a lot more difficult. For the personal part, I had to think of a name and a title that will tell my story in nutshell. For marketing purposes, they should be intriguing enough to make people want to read. That’s how I came up with “Ex Jason” and “His Worthless Ex”. Not my best, I know, but they were the best I can come up with. And they were enough to serve their purpose. I hope.

I got to work once everything was set up. My first three entries were my version of the break-up. The ones after that were stuff about me interspersed with break-up emoness. Everything was in English of course. By the third entry, I had people commenting about how I had a skill for writing. Ha! If you guys only knew just how many times I revise my entries before I publish them. Heck, I even edit them after. But I really appreciate the compliments. That’s one thing I really like about the people here: everyone is generous with compliments, even the best writers.

I was telling my side and I was practicing my English, now I had to market my blog. The most basic way to do that, of course, is to build links. I walked around the blogosphere, following and commenting on every blog that caught my interest. Soon, though, marketing became just my secondary reason for doing that. In my blog-hopping, I discovered just how much talent there was in this community. Honestly, I used to think somehow that majority of bloggers were just like gamers: people who had little life beyond the PC chair. As it turned out, I was mistaken. Everyone had his or her own genuinely interesting story to tell. Bloggers, I realized, are people who live amazing lives and tell about them. The amazing life is a prerequisite; otherwise there would be nothing to tell.

Everything worked out as planned. I gained followers and the number of page views I got rose steadily, which means that the marketing side was doing good. Good for a newbie, anyway. I was still nowhere near as good as the pros, but it was enough learning experience. With regard to my goal of improving my English, I got help from a few of the good writers. I also got good feedback, a lot better than what I expected. For the telling-my-side part, people, even those who told my ex that his ex was worthless, started to understand my side, or at least that was what they said in their comments. I think this was thanks in part to the recently released song by Juris.

Needless to say, putting up this blog and writing those entries have been a great experience. However, I think it has already served its main purpose, which was to tell my side. I had already revealed myself three months ago. The breakup is now a thing of the distant past and there will be no more need to write about it. Also, I realized that I can’t use this blog as the rat for my marketing experiments because it does not sell anything. I will have to practice on some other site that has a more clearly-defined niche.

So, is this another phony farewell post? Don’t worry, it’s not. I will not stop blogging. Why should I? I still have a lot of stories to tell! But they no longer need to be told under this blog’s title. I’m going to make a new blog. This time I will have no other purpose other than to share bits of my life. No more half-assed attempts at marketing. And this time, it will no longer have the word “Ex” attached to it. I don’t yet know exactly when this is going to happen. I will be pretty busy these coming days, so it will probably be next year, which means I will be posting a few more times here before I move.

Whatever the case, I really hope you will still follow my new blog when it finally happens. 


  1. naman! support pa rin kita jason! wooohooo. :D

    ang hirap mag-isip ng URL noh? hihi

  2. that's what i've been thinking and hoping you'd do. for you to stop being the "ex" and to just stand by the name "jason" "jap" or whatever name or pen name you might coin.
    i have high hopes for you jason.

  3. FYI...I kinda like the blog title though...it's catchy! hehe

    and damn, you look so young!

  4. Why not start after the year ends?

    Just like a phoenix, you will reborn anew from the ashes.

    Soar high...


    ....so high above the sky... thank you, thank you,

    thank God for you...

    ..the wind beneath my wings...

    ay, napa-kanta aketch. hihihi!

  5. oist, this mention is too much. wala ako masabi. hehe. as always, you be well... and that new blog without the "ex" in it is most welcome! sabi nga ni desole boy, it's about time we see you as jason, and no longer the ex! :)

  6. @nimmy: salamat sa iyong suporta! sige! shet waley.

    @db: yeah, may ilan na din ngang nagsuggest na magpalit na ng tema tong blog ko. simple lang naman ang reason kung bakit di ko pa ginagawa: tinatamad pa ako. wahahaha.

    @soltero: 24 pa lang naman ako. at sa picture lang yan. mas mukha akong tatay sa personal. lol. pero mas wafu din. =P

    @chuni: siyempre kelangang may song number ka. lol. yeah, malamang nga sa january. pag sinipag ako. pag hindi, baka feb na. haha.

  7. @darc: siyempre kelangang banggitin kita! cyber celeb kita, remember? =P

  8. ayun naman pala! aabangan ko yang isang blog mo. at sana damihan mo ang post. mahusay ka namang magsulat e.

  9. aba himala. hindi ka nanghihingi ng regalo ngayon. =P

  10. gow gow gow!!! ayun na oh...

    nice one Ex!!
    more stories for 2011
    more stories of our lives!!

  11. That's what I've been wondering about all along: what happens when you have finally moved on? Will you be retaining the same blog title and everything that it represented and reminded us of? Will it be the same ideas, or will it be given to a fresher perspective? Whatever the case maybe, please let us know, keep us posted, so we can update our blog rolls and keep you intact.

    Cheers Jason! Muahness from Pasig Citehh!

  12. @ceiboh: tama. because life did not end, only one of its chapters. =D

    @momel: i will be writing more about myself in my next blog. i'll announce it here when i finally move. =)

    @psytian: classic link-building. =P

  13. When I first saw your blog URL, I thought, "Here's a guy who can't move on, who built his life around an ex." And I left it at that, I'm the last person to lecture anyone. And then I read this post, halfway through I was telling myself, this must be a beginning of something else. Congratulations to you, I'm sure it wasn't easy.

    So what's the new link then hehehe...

  14. i remember being sad when you told us you will stop blogging. this time around the goodbye is not a sad one because you will continue sharing your talent in a different blog. just a different chapter in the same book, the life of jap.

  15. @orally: thanks. =)

    @glentot: something happened recently that pushed me towards closure. hehe. the new blog's not up yet. i'll announce it here when i've put it up.

    @DSM: thanks dsm. it feels good to know that my stories reached someone. =)

  16. Basta makauwi ka lang dito sa atin...babasahin ko yang new blog mo. Hahaha. Nagbanta? As if important. Wehe. Basta ha! Uwi ka!

  17. haha. flight ko na bukas. =P uy, mag mati daw ta. wahaha! uban ka?

  18. Haggard ang haba ng post, na stress ako. hehehe..

    Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your Christmas! Sana naging meaningful and very happy yung Pasko mo. :D

    Advance happy new year too, wag magpaputok, baka maputulan. lol. :P

  19. Hi Jason.. WOW!!! That was quite lengthy but I enjoyed reading the post... You made sure that we'll read it from top to bottom...

    I am so proud of you... At some point, I thought u were the bitter half having an EX as a prefix on your name... I think that this new blog will shine brighter than this blog...

    Just keep writing... You have a good number of readers and we love your stories...=)

    Moving forward with head held up high for the new year... 2011 will surely be a blast... =) Godspeed...=)

  20. @nielz: naku, gustuhin ko mang magpaputok, di pwede.

    @vivi: thanks. aasahan kita sa new blog ko pag nangyari na siya. =)

  21. sorry kuya kung ngayon lang ako magpapaalam...ngayon ko lang na-gets e...

    Pwedeng pa link heheh medyo huli na pero.... :D


  22. ang haba, tinamad akong basahin

  23. Si CC ba tong ex mo?

  24. sinong CC? Pipo ang pangalan ng ex ko. http://iamyourex.blogspot.com/2010/09/big-reveal.html

  25. ah isa ring celebrity blogger na ayaw ipabasa yung blog nya sa partner nya. i thought you were that partner :)