Saturday, July 24, 2010


It was a kiss that should not have happened.

We were not even supposed to be there in the first place. Who in their right minds go drinking on a Wednesday night? We had work the next day, at eight in the morning no less. But work was the reason we were stressed in the first place, so it seemed to be a good payback.

I was sitting beside him, our team’s new guy. I was not particularly attracted to him, quite the opposite, actually. He had a confidence that was bordering on arrogance. Physically, he wasn’t my type either. But that changed when he told me one day that the ex he had been talking about was actually a guy. We started hanging out after that. Trust a good coming out to break barriers between PLU.

I don’t remember how we started talking about our types, but that was our topic when I was on my fourth or fifth bottle.

“I like guys who are vain,” he said while pouring his second beer to a glass. “You know, the type who powders his face and wears nice clothes.”

“Really?” I asked. I did not expect that. I thought he was one who went for hiphop/dancer guys since he was also one. “Well, what about body type? Are you picky when it comes to that? You must be since your exes are really well built.”

He laughed. “No, actually I’m not that concerned with the body. I’m more particular with the face. I have a weakness for cute guys, even if they’re skinny or a bit on the heavy side.”

I was not sure if I was just a bit too tipsy, but I thought his smile was a little suggestive. Actually, more than a little. I took that as my cue and decided to prod.

“Really?” I asked, smiling and trying to look cute. “Well, what do you think about me?”

His smile faltered for a bit. I guess I was just tipsy after all.

“I told you this morning that you looked cute in your shirt, right?” he answered, a bit uneasy.

“That doesn’t really answer the question,” I said as I shifted sideways so that we would be face to face. Heck I already started it, I figured might as well go on. “So does that mean you think I’m cute?”

He paused for a few seconds before he answered. “If I say yes, you’ll be full of it. If I say no, you’ll be turned off. So I’d rather not answer that.”

“You really thought I’ll take that answer?” I laughed. “Don’t worry, whatever your answer may be, I’ll take it as just another guy’s opinion.”

He was trying to look away. I held his chin and made him face me. “Come on, just answer my question. Do you like me or not?”

He laughed. “That wasn’t your question.”

“Oh, wasn’t it?” I asked, still smiling at him. Our faces were inches away from each other.

“What will you do if I said yes?”

“Well, what do you want me to do?”

He paused and looked at me. Then he took a deep breath.

“Just go ahead and do it,” he answered.

I leaned in. He stopped me. I looked at him, confused.

“I want her to see,” he said. He was pointing at our teammate who was my best friend in the office. I turned around and called her. Then I turned back to him.

And he kissed me.

I heard my best friend screaming “Oh my God!” in the background. Then I heard a few more voices I did not recognize. When we turned to look, we saw the girls at the next table smiling at us. I laughed. “I think we should go now.”

It seemed like it could be the start of something good. I went to the office the next day with a silly grin on my face. But when I saw him, it did not feel good. It just felt awkward. Really awkward. I tried to flirt with him but it was half-hearted. And I did not know how to tell him.

Two lessons learned.

First, don’t expect any lasting magic from drunken flirtations. Chances are, the magic will expire when the alcohol does.

And, if you must flirt while drunk, never do it with an officemate. Strangers are a lot easier to avoid.


  1. isang malaking check on your lessons learned. :)

    super awkward un!

    bakit kaya di ako masyadong flirt pag tipsy..hmmmm. inggit tuloy ako.

  3. Objection your honor, the questions are leading hahaha. lande mo neng, atleast may lessons learned

  4. Hahaha, Bien, drop dead dingga ang dating mo sa comment. Lol. Jason ko, charge to experience na Lang ok? No more office churva! :)

  5. ahem.meron naman dyan

    anyway, corrected by yan. pero mas malala experience ko. sa boracay pa naganap. kinaumagahan, nasuka ko hindi dahil sa dami ng nainom ko. kundi dahil sa nakita kong pagmumukha nya sa mga pictures namen sa phone ng friend ko. hehe

  6. And, if you must flirt while drunk, never do it with an officemate. Strangers are a lot easier to avoid.

    and that is why i try to avoid crapping in my own backyard.

    of course, the operative word is TRY :P

  7. tamaaaa. kaya nga from now on, stranger na lang ang lalandiin ko.

  8. in the first phrase, you will know what will happen.. it was then a great experience to said...

    hehehe, lesson to be learned..

    i already follow you..

  9. ayan ayan ayan!
    lesson learned nga.
    pero what if iba treatment nya sayo outside the office? haha

  10. JUSSSSSKOOO!! nagagawa nga naman ng alak. oh well, at least. pero nakilig ako ng slight ha. :)

  11. Wow naman!

    and what's with the title?

  12. Naughty you. :)

    Btw, what's the meaning of KUI?

  13. very good lessons learned. haha ahhh the perils of dipping your nib in the office ink. very delightful indeed!

  14. at least that one gud lesson learned.maraming salamat sa pagdalaw..