Saturday, July 17, 2010


When you were still a kid and you scraped your knees from running around, or fell down while trying to see how long you can keep spinning, you ran home and let your mother nurse your wounds. When you broke your toy, you brought it home to your father to have it fixed. No matter what happened, you knew that things would be fine once you got home. You knew that once you walked in through the door, you were safe.

The years passed. You ventured to new places and started living away from your family. You let more people in your life and they became part of your home. You realized that home did not have the walls and doors that you thought it had.

Then you met someone. Someone who gave your life new colors. Someone who gave you new reasons to live. Someone who made you feel happy and safe. Then you realized home has changed yet again. That person has become your home.

But something happened and once again, you find yourself wounded. You try to run home. But you remember that your home is the exact same thing that you are trying to run away from. Defeated, you stop running. You look longingly at what used to be your home and pray for the healing to begin. It doesn’t.

Drinking night with fellow heartbroken housemate. Last shot of Tanduay White. Cheers.


  1. soon, the healing will begin soon.
    hugs sabay burp sa tanduay

  2. cheers to our pursuit of happiness.

    curious lang, single ka ba by any chance? I couldn't reason out kung ano ba kasi. haha. (again, curious lang, lol)

  3. where do broken hearts go?

    edi sa inuman! haha

  4. It will. It takes time but it will.

  5. healing begins when ur ready...when u tell urself enough is enough...when uv convinced urself, it's time to let go and move on :)

  6. oops..ako c anonymous di ko nalagyan name lol

  7. @orallyours: hehe. akala ko ok na. pero after nung usapan namin ng housemate ko, narealize kong di pa pala.

    @alterjohn: lol. yeah, single po. you can read my first three posts for the story. =)

    @ced: tamaaaa. tara inoooom.

    @jace: yeah, i know. kaso sabi twice the length of the relationship daw ang recovery. so siguro by 2016 okay na ako. lol.

    @soltero: wow. gumaganon si soltero. lol. thanks thanks. i'll keep that in mind.

    @lasherations: lol ang weird pag sayo galing yung hugs. it's so not you. hehe. thanks. *hugs back* *wink*

  8. repeat after me:

    lalaki lang yun. next please!



  9. ang jologs ko pala magsulat pag lasing. lol. di ko na yan uulitin kahit kelaaaaan.

  10. Homes are unforgiving. The moment you turn your back on them, they make sure the return trip isn't easy.

  11. hindi minamadali ang pagiging ok..kaya ayos lang yan...