Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I was at the mall with my ex today. Yes, we have gone out a few times since that last day. We’re exes on good terms. Not really friends yet but hey, it’s a start and I’m really happy. But that’s not what this entry is about.

“I heard there was a book launch yesterday,” I said while we were walking aimlessly around the mall. “I read a number of posts about it.”

“Yeah, I heard about that too,” he replied.

“You know, blog-hopping has made me consider creating my own blog,” I said. My ex is a blogger, but he didn’t know that I already had a blog. I was curious how he would react to the idea.

“Yeah, you should make one. You write quite well.” So he was okay with it. I decided to prod a bit more.

“If I made a blog, will you read my posts?” I asked.

“Yes, probably,” he answered right away.

“Well, what if I made a blog but told you not to read my posts, will you read then?”

“It might be a better idea if you just didn’t tell me about your blog. Well, actually, that wouldn’t really help because the blogosphere is quite small. I’ll probably find your blog one way or another. And then I’ll read.”

“What if I actually have a blog now? Would you go looking for it?”

“No, but like I said, I’d probably find it somehow.”

There were a few more exchanges like this until finally, he blurted out, “You have a blog. I know about it and I’ve read your entries.”

“Really? Well, if I really have a blog, what is it like?” I asked, pretending to be amused. I wanted to validate his claim without giving out anything.

“Two column layout. White-grayish theme,” he said.

“Pretty generic description,” I challenged.

“And your name is Ex Jason.”


“You know, you really suck at keeping secrets.”

Lol. So much for anonymity.


  1. sabog. hahahaha. :P

    hiyeee Ex Jason's ex! hahaha

  2. yeah, good luck staying anonymous here if you personally know a blogger. =)

  3. kaya pala ganun yung entry nya. nabasa ko na ang blog ng ex mo jayson. :)

  4. Booggg!!!hahahahaha.. :D
    kala mo ha.. ^^

  5. admit it. u want him to read your blog. u want him back? hmmm...

  6. huli ka! hahaha

    curious lang what did he say on your posts? hehehe

  7. @soltero: haha. totally.

    @nimmy: hindi niya mababasa yan. binawalan ko na siya magbasa eh. :p

    @engel: yeah, lalo pa't ex. lol.

    @jepoy: anong entry niya? di ko binabasa blog niya eh. bawal daw. lol.

    @ternie: nakiki "ternie" na daw ako. close? lol. hello. =)

    @nicos: haha. as in. nakaka conscious isipin na nabasa niya yung ka emo-han ko.

    @lasherations: haha. no, i actually don't want him to read my entries. ayoko malimitahan ang pwede ko i-post dito.

    @ced: sabi niya lang ok daw ako magsulat. hehe. at wag daw ako mag alala, di naman daw siya maaapektuhan nung mga sinulat ko.

  8. dapat di ka umamin..haha
    try taking a lesson from me...the perfect liar! =)

    lesson #1: kahit bukong-buko na, stick to your original story..haha

  9. agree with Desole Boy -

    and never tell the same lie twice. :p

  10. hahaha nabuking.

    now this entry got me thinking. which blogger is ex jason's ex? hmmmmm... pangitaon nako hehehe

  11. i guess, he know you very well... and at the back of your head, may kilig pa din. hihihi!

  12. i guess, he know you very well... and at the back of your head, may kilig pa din. hihihi!

  13. First thing I did when I read this was to go back to your post and checked my comments. baka kasi may sinabi akong pwedeng maka-offend sa ex mo.


  14. @Desole Boy: eh na corner nako eh. kita niya pa yang picture ko, di maipagkakaila. lol. tsaka buti na yun, nasabihan ko siyang wag nang magbasa ng entries ko.

    @Jon: see reply for desole. lol. mga BI kayo.

    @Ronnie: i knerrr. lol. hello hello.

    @Lee: um.. hehe. thanks to sir darc, i believe a number of bloggers already know. wag mo na alamin para exciting. lol.

    @wanderingcommuter: hindi ko alam kung tanga akong magtago o magaling lang talaga siyang maghunting. lol.

    @iurico: haha. ok lang yan. di naman yun masungit. ako lang gusto nung pinagtitripan. lol.

  15. lol. its just cute to know that you guys are in good terms but yeah, you are so busted!

  16. Now that's funny. Hahaha. :) Oh well, your ex is right though, this is a very, very small world.

  17. cute! so magliligawan kayo uli dito sa blog nyo hahaha

  18. oh wow. he knows you that well. and of course tama siya, maliit lang ang mundo natin.

    nakakatuwa naman. sino kaya ito. i wonder if i read him too. haha

  19. @eye spy: yeah it's cute. it's not really easy though. we're trying to help each other through the break up. lol. how screwed up is that?

    @jace: oooh. your comment leads me to think that you are an old blogger who just put up a new blog. so, am i right? :p

    @orally: el-oh-el

    @citybuoy: wag mo na kilalanin. lol. para mas masaya. =P